The first feud of awards season is here and it’s between Bradley Cooper and Cillian Murphy.

The best season of all is coming up. 

Nope, not autumn (although we desperately need the temperature to drop), I’m talking about awards season. 

And because we, as a society, thrive on drama, this means that celebrities will be pitted against each other over who claims the most coveted awards. 

This season, it looks like the boys are the ones who are fighting and honestly it is a refreshing departure from women more commonly being positioned as each other’s competition.

Bradley Cooper and Cillian Murphy both did this years Variety’s Actors on Actors interview series. They didn’t do the video together (next year??) but with their respective movie counterparts, Bradley’s Aloha co-star Emma Stone and Cillian’s Barbenheimer nemesis, Margot Robbie. 

Now in Cillian’s interview, the Irishman mostly just talked about his bafflement with memes, as Margot heaped praise on the actor and he sat there sheepishly receiving it. 

But in Bradley’s chat, shots were fired. 

Shots fired at Cillian.

Well, maybe. 

But why are these two men even in the same sentence? They are expected to be the overwhelming favourites to win the Academy Award for ‘Best Actor’ for their roles in Cooper’s Maestro and Murphy’s Oppenheimer. 

Both actors have been nominated for the Golden Globe for ‘Actor in a Drama Motion Picture’, which can translate to who is up for the Oscar.