The day Crystal Hefner attempted to escape Hugh Hefner’s mansion, he made a chilling call.

At the time, Crystal was vague about why she decided to leave Hugh. She told ET “I can honestly say I was not the only woman in Hef’s life. And I didn’t feel comfortable in my heart knowing that, and being able to get married to him. Because a marriage is between two people and that’s not what our relationship was.”

Unknown to the public, this wasn’t the first time Crystal had attempted to escape. 

On Christmas Eve in 2010, Hugh had proposed to her. She later said she had no choice but to say yes. 

“Like all things with Hef, it was a transaction—the cover of Playboy equaled marriage, and marriage equaled the cover of Playboy. I would go along with it because going along with things was what I did. That was my job,” she wrote in her book. 

During this time, Crystal discovered that she was going to star in a new reality TV series titled Marrying Hef. She then found out that Hugh would be making $800,000 from the series. 

Crystal? Her cut would be $2500. 

For the first time, she decided to question Hugh about it. “I’m not expecting half or anything, of course not, but…maybe something more significant than this?”

“What are you in this for?” Hugh replied. 

Upset, Crystal attempted to storm out. As she was approaching the mansion gates, Hugh’s voice boomed across the grounds on speaker phones saying:

“Close the back gate! If Crystal tries to leave, detain her!”