The controversy Robbie Williams doesn’t want to talk about.

So yes, the song was, and still is, huge. 

But what Williams neglects to mention is how the song was made. 

The documentary focuses a lot on Robbie’s efforts to be respected as a songwriter, spending a chunk of one episode on his feud with collaborator Guy Chambers over creative control of his music, yet he does not credit Irish musician Ray Heffernan for helping pen the song that kick-started his career. 

Heffernan wrote the original version of ‘Angels’, and then he played it for Robbie on a drunken evening out in Dublin in 1996.

“He ended up staying in my place, as we had said we would try to write some songs together. I had one that I had written in Paris called ‘An Angel Instead,’ which he liked, and we worked on it together,” Smooth Radio reported Heffernan saying.

The duo worked on ‘Angels’ and later recorded a demo of the song together. 

“He called [talent manager] Louis Walsh, who organised a studio for us, and we recorded a version of it here in Dublin. He went back to England after that, and we lost touch. I was therefore very surprised to hear that ‘Angels’ was on his new album,” he said.

“I got in touch, and essentially signed a waiver of my rights to the song for just £7,500 and the rest is musical history.”

In 2017, Williams spoke about his decision to pay Heffernan.