The celebrities have settled on a new hair trend…and it’s actually achievable.

Meaning? Maybe we’ll see this trend pop up post-summer, too.

Either way, there’s no denying this trend will see a shift from ashy blonde and platinum blonde hues – which although flattering on all skin types, can be pretty tricky (and expensive) to upkeep.

The great thing about the honey-blonde hair trend is that it’s perfect for those who want to switch it up and try something new, without going for an extreme hair transformation. 

While it’ll of course depend on your current colour (and skin tone), Hazan told WWW her general rule of thumb for this colour is to go one to two shades darker than your current shade. 

For example, for those who have dirty-blonde or light-brown hair, Hazan said leaning into a shade or two darker can add a new level of depth to your hair. 

“Ask for some contrast and dimensions with your highlights. You can add lowlights to create the contrast one to two shades darker. Keep the colour tones buttery and golden.”

Obviously this isn’t the kind of thing you want to try to do at-home with a box-dye because it just… won’t work. So, take these notes to your colourist and go forth, honey!

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Feature Image: Getty.