The CCTV footage that unravelled a woman’s elaborate story.

“She was politely escorted off the premises, ensuring a safe exit. Ms. Reel was not thrown from two sets of stairs,” Hubbard Inn maintained. 

Following the viral video, the venue filed a lawsuit against Reel, claiming her video defamed the venue and negatively impacted business with a flood of critical online reviews and cancelled reservations.

The lawsuit claims Hubbard Inn repeatedly asked Reel to take down her post after staff received violent threats and that she was also invited to view their security footage.

As for Reel’s response, she let her own lawyers do the talking with a clip that labelled Hubbard Inn’s response as “self-serving”. They also said she suffered a concussion and visible lacerations. The statement urged the public to avoid “a rush to judgment and/or victim shaming.”

According to the Sun-Times, Reel filed a police report that stated she visited the hospital and was treated for a “bruised up arm and head,” which struck the floor — but there is no mention of a concussion in the report.

According to the report, a security guard pulled the young woman out of a restroom stall while she was urinating and said “we know what you are doing” before she was pushed toward the exit not fully dressed.

As of now, there has been no further update from Hubbard Inn or Reel. 

Feature Image: TikTok @hubbardinnchicago/@juliareel.

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