The biggest revelations hidden within the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s new album.

Taylor Swift has done it again. She’s sent us into a spin over a new album we now have to mercilessly decode.

The Tortured Poets Department just dropped and like all of the singer’s past albums, fans are eager to find clues that could allude to some details about Swift’s recent relationships, which include current boyfriend Travis Kelce, 2023 fling Matty Healy, and her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn that ended last year.

There’s a lot of material to work with and we’ve dug deep into what some of The Tortured Poets Department’s lyrics could mean and the delightful Easter eggs that Swift has left her fans to find. 

Taylor Swift’s saddest lyrics are about Joe Alwyn.

Fans will be surprised to find that there are not many obvious Joe Alwyn references on the album, a stark contrast to the expectation among fans that this would be the ‘Joe breakup album’.

But she did potentially dedicate at least one song to the demise of their relationship. 

In ‘So Long, London’, she sings “I’m pissed off you let me give you all that youth for free,” which could be about the six years she spent with Alwyn living in London. 

The tune is not salacious with gossip — it’s just rather sad. 

“So long, London, had a good run. A moment of warm sun but I’m not the one,” she sings. “So long, London, stitches undone, two graves, one gun. You’ll find someone.” 

Taylor Swift has got plenty to say about Matty Healy.

Never fear, the album has plenty of digs about her ex, but she ain’t aiming at Alwyn. Based on the clues and Easter eggs, it sounds like she’s spent most of the songs venting about her short dalliance with The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy.