The Ambanis are the 10th richest family in the world. They’re not quiet about it.

How did the Ambanis make their fortune?

I know what you’re thinking: how the heck does this family have so much money?

Remember when I said that Mukesh Ambani is a billionaire businessman? Well, it’s more like he’s THE billionaire businessman. Mukesh is the chairman and managing director of Reliance IndustriesReliance is a multinational conglomerate and is India’s largest public company. It is also the 100th largest company in the world. 

Its businesses cover pretty much everything — literally — including retail, telecommunications, mass media, entertainment and textiles. Its largest revenue driver, however, is the production of petrochemicals. Of course, like every billionaire, Mukesh has his entire family in positions of power as board members and heads of Reliance’s adjacent verticals. Succession, anyone?

This is exactly why Mukesh goes all out for his family when it comes to celebrating big milestones.

What’s an Ambani wedding like?

Anant’s pre-wedding isn’t the first time the family has gone over the top for celebrations. Both Isha’s and Akash’s wedding were as headline-worthy. 

For Isha’s Sangeet (a celebratory event during an Indian wedding) in 2018, the one and only Beyoncé performed and was reportedly paid $4 million. John Legend also performed for Isha’s engagement party, while other A-list guests included The Clintons, and Priyanka and Nick Jonas. Isha was also part of Priyanka’s bridal party at her wedding.

For Akash’s pre-wedding in 2021, Coldplay performed, and The Chainsmokers made an appearance. Maroon 5 was also in attendance and played during the ceremony.