The 9 clinic skincare brands worth the price tag.

Picture this: You’ve just had a jazzy facial treatment (look at you!) and you’re floating your way out to reception, smelling like Tree of Life. And, oh – you’re suddenly asked if you’d like to purchase any of the clinical skincare products? To boost your at-home routine??

But you’ve never really heard of any of these brands before… and don’t know what’s actually… worth it. And look, you did just drop $200 on a facial, so.

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Well, that’s why you have us. Or, the sparkly and very knowledgeable You Beauty community, rather (are you a member yet?! Come join us!).

Because someone recently asked: From all of the skincare brands you can get in-clinic, what is everyone’s favourite that they feel actually works? 

And the people answered.

Y’see, in-clinic skincare isn’t often cheap – it’s usually the cosmeceutical stuff that’s created by professionals (dermatologists, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, etc), and it tends to sit at the higher end of the skincare price point. Meaning? You’re going to want to make sure you’ll see some real, visible results.