‘The 5-minute makeup routine I do every day.’

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I love makeup, and I lack patience. These are the two defining features of my daily pre-work makeup routine. On weekends I don’t have a makeup routine because unless I’m going out I don’t wear any.

But Monday to Friday, usually while having a chat with you (presuming you watch my Insta-babbles), I pretty much put the same few things on my face in the same way.

I do this for about a month at a time and then I change it up, swapping out something new I’ve bought or trying something different because I’m bored. Slaying boredom is another defining feature of my makeup routine and yes OK also every other aspect of my life.

There are often comments on my Insta videos asking what foundation I’m using or what exact thing I put on my eyelids but I don’t have time to answer each comment so here we are instead. Good idea? Let’s give it a try.

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read): I made this video for you to watch instead.

Details of actual products are below.

1. Sunscreen.

First thing after my skincare is to put on sunscreen obviously and I’ve been using this one called Golden Glow by an Australian lady startup called Airy Day which is a great vibe of a name. For my neck and chest though – I use Clear As Day so I don’t get marks on my clothes (other than the food and drink I spill on myself which is standard). Golden Glow was recommended to me by Paula Joye and I always buy what she tells me to because she knows her shit.