The ‘3 points of interest’ rule is the key to elevating your style without spending a cent.

How does it work?

The first thing you’re going to do is pick out an outfit. It doesn’t have to be fancy or over-the-top, just something that flatters you and makes you feel good.

This could be a linen dress, or a shirt and trouser combo, the more simple, the better. You want to avoid anything that will clash with your three chosen accessories. Large prints, frilly silhouettes and lace fabric are too busy, so leave that for another day.

Once that’s done, it’s time to pick your three points of interest. Consider what the weather is like and where you’re going. If it’s a sweltering hot day, then a cap and sunglasses should be a part of the mix, but if it’s a bit cooler, then a scarf would be appropriate. 

If you’re wearing something that cinches you around the waist then a belt is a great way to break up the top and bottom half of your outfit and make it look extra chic. Some other accessories you can experiment with are necklaces, watches and headbands. 

If you’re still confused, then take a look at these outfit combos we’ve created to help give you a better idea of how the three points of interest rule works.

Outfit combo #1.

Image: The Iconic.