The 24-year-old woman accused of being a serial pregnancy faker.

She created a TikTok video, which would eventually go viral, laying the path for Kaitlyn’s arrest. 

But not before one last hurrah. 

This time, Kaitlyn reportedly reaches out to a doula via Instagram, describing herself as a rape victim-survivor about to give birth to a stillborn baby. She was in hospital, she said, surrounded by friends. 

Kaitlyn wanted grief and loss support, given she was about to lose her precious baby. The doula obliged, but something felt amiss. The friends, who occasionally spoke to the doula, sounded just like Kaitlyn. 

Kaitlyn went into labour, she said, pushing too early and suffering a cervical tear and a placental abruption. She had issues with blood clotting, moving into multisystem organ failure, and put on life support. 

The doula, having experienced her own trauma, was struggling to cope – she thought Kaitlyn might die. The next day, one of Kaitlyn’s ‘friends’ said she too was going into labour, having been assaulted by the same perpetrator. She was going to lose her baby too. It was simply too much for the doula. 

She contacted a colleague for support, eventually uncovering the depth of Kaitlin’s deception. 

Kaitlin was arrested days later, and charged with more than 52 offences, including fraud, criminal harassment, false pretenses, indecent acts, and sexual assault.