The 17 best sneakers for every workout (that still look cool too).

This might be controversial but I’m willing to cop the heat: I only wear sneakers when I work out. I know, I know, I’m an anomaly in the age of Adidas Sambas and Onitsuka Tigers, but I just can’t seem to get on board. Do I love the look of them on others? Absolutely! On me? Not so much.

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Trust me, I’ve tried to style my two pairs of sneakers, but it always results in me kicking them off and opting for another shoe instead. You’ll probably catch me in bathroom slippers before you see me in sneakers, and if you want to send me hate mail for that… I won’t blame you, because I’m fully aware of how bizarre this all sounds.


That leads me to the point of this story because while you won’t catch me wearing sneakers as a fashion statement, you will see me sporting a few different pairs when working out. Not all sneakers are made the same — some are created especially for agility and speed, making it ideal for runners; while others are made to last, featuring cushion insoles and shock absorption, perfect for HIIT and cross-training.