The 12 worst things you can have in your house, according to a professional cleaner.

8. Vertical blinds.

Now this one might ruffle some feathers.

“Vertical blinds are just gross, sorry to say. I have them in my own home and hate them. They get dirty so easily, the chains break just looking at them, the weights on the bottom constantly fall out and they look horrible too,” says Kate.

“Plus, cleaning them is painfully slow. To give them a proper clean you need to remove them blade for blade while trying your best not to break any cords or brackets. You can hire a company to come out and take them away to clean off-site but this is costly.”

9. Venetian blinds.

Staying in the blinds space, Venetian blinds can also be super irritating.

“They are just massive dust gatherers and like vertical blinds they can break easily too, especially if you have kids trying to open and close them. They need weekly dusting and even hand wiping. We’ve seen a lot of these blinds with mould too.”

10. Built-in kitchen bins.

Kate says her beef with built-in kitchen bins isn’t so much the bins themselves, but rather the hardware that holds the bins. In particular, the hardware that is bolted to the base of the cabinetry.

“All sorts of food and rubbish gets trapped in the hardware and it looks gross and it can be difficult to give these areas a really good clean unless you unscrew and remove the entire frame,” she notes. “A bin that can be removed is so much easier and does the same thing.”

11. Trends drains or channel drains in the shower.

Who really wants to be lifting their drains and cleaning them out on a weekly basis? Not me! Well, this is how often you would have to clean these sorts of drains out, especially if the people in your household have long hair.