The 12 biggest takeways from JoJo Siwa’s Call Her Daddy interview.

“I hate that it discludes [sic] boys,” she said.

Another thing she cringes over? Her recent on-stage antics at Aussie musician G-Flip’s concert.

“I f**ked the air essentially,” she said, adding, “I would make fun of me too.”

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She doesn’t call herself a singer.

Hot on the heels of releasing her new song ‘Karma’, Siwa wants us all to know she doesn’t claim to be a singer.

“I will rarely, pretty much never, I’m going to say, never, claim to be a singer,” she said. “I will claim to be an artist or a performer, but I know my vocal abilities.”

She has plans for starting a family.

You may have seen her go viral recently for a red carpet interview in which she opened up about her future children’s names: Freddy, Eddie and Teddy.

While this moment has opened her up to a fair bit of ridicule online, Siwa says the names started out as a joke but have become a very real part of her plans to become a mother. 

The star said would like to start a family in the next three to four years, and is more concerned about becoming a parent than finding a parent. After a difficult run of relationships, she’s ready to focus on making plans to be a mum to a little girl named Freddy and twin boys named Eddie and Teddy, who she will homeschool.

Her edgy new look.

As part of her transition to a new adult look, Siwa said she had to resign the bows and develop a new style to suit her new sound.

When she first heard the lyrics for ‘Karma’, she realised it would take a big transformation to pull off the lyrics, “I’m a bad girl, I did some bad things.”