“That sex face is…something.” A very 2023 recap of Save The Last Dance.

Okay, so firstly, what’s with all the finger-pointing? What are you pointing at, doll?

Then there’s the nose rub which just makes her look like she has an itchy nose. 

The chair is rather unnecessary but at the same time, I get it. I’d also work a chair into everything I do so that I can have a little sit. 

Then there’s the moment, she hops in the air like a dysfunctioning robot.  

The end pose is very odd, like is she holding an M&M? She’s holding something between her fingers, I just know it! 

Either way, she has seemingly nailed this performance. “I can’t say this on the record yet but welcome to Juilliard,” the judge confidently declares. 

I have questions. 

If you can’t say it on record, then should you say it at all? How can one dance that involves at least two straight minutes of heel-toe-hell-toe be good enough for instant entrance into Juilliard? 

What about the other judges?? Do they agree?? The audacity of this man. 

Did he just want the M&M???

The real question that begs to be answered. Image: Stan.