Thanks to one interview, Bradley Cooper’s Oscar campaign has come to a crashing halt.

As we draw to the crescendo of Hollywood’s award season, this may mean a lot or a little to you depending on whether you dabble in the fine arts of Tinsel Town. 

Regardless, it’s highly likely you’ve been seeing plenty of famous faces covering your news feed as the Academy Awards campaigning in Hollywood reaches a fever pitch. Everyone wants the Oscar, and this is their last-ditch attempt at getting voters (and the public) on their side, with voting for the 2024 Academy Awards closing at the end of February. 

There are many fine lines to tread in Hollywood but none more obvious than the one toed in the lead-up to this year’s Academy Awards.

It’s the line the best actor nominees must traverse in their campaign towards winning positive public perception, an Oscar statue, and glory forevermore. 

But what is the secret sauce that gets voters (and the public) on their side? It’s a recipe that has long been contested. 

They need to be engaged in the campaigning process but aloof enough that the magnitude of it all doesn’t make them appear too thirsty. They need to be earnest, but not to the point of being insufferable. Honour the work they’ve done but don’t take it too seriously. Congratulate themselves, but don’t get a big head.

Watch: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow at the 2019 Oscars. Post continues below.