Tammy Hembrow built a $50 million empire, but people only want to talk about her relationships.

In high school, Hembrow decided to live with her mum — Hembrow’s parents separated during her childhood — who was living in Singapore.

“It was the complete opposite to how I had been living. My mum’s partner, my stepdad, was extremely successful and was living a big life of luxury. I had never seen it up close, only ever in movies. It was the first thing that inspired me to be successful in whatever I was going to do.”

Hembrow later returned to Australia where she did a Bachelor of Business on the Gold Coast. But from the very start of her first lecture, Hembrow hated it. She knew it wasn’t right for her. 

“I was good at doing the work, but I didn’t feel like I was actually learning anything. It wasn’t until the end of the degree and I had a unit on entrepreneurship that I knew that was what I wanted to do. It was the only class that made sense to me,” she said. “I decided I would be my own boss, do it myself, and I left uni.”

Then Hembrow unexpectedly fell pregnant.

At this point, Hembrow was already slowly starting to build a following on social media.

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But when she started to document her pregnancy and motherhood journey at 20 years old on Instagram, her following increased dramatically — a far cry away from those who’d once told her that falling pregnant was the worst thing she could do for her career.

“People said to me, ‘Oh, your life is ruined now’. All these negative things were being said. But I wanted to make people see the opposite of that and prove them all wrong. I wanted to show that I could still do everything I wanted to do while being a young mum,” she said.