Sydney Sweeney thinks one of our most iconic Australian traditions is strange. So does the rest of America.

Sydney Sweeney is learning about Australian culture — and she’s sharing her lessons with the rest of America.

Firstly, she learned that no matter how ‘trained’ a huntsman spider might be, the spider can and will bite. 

And secondly, she discovered the magic that is Australia’s schoolies.

The Euphoria star appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to share her teachings. 

You see, Sweeney is practically an Aussie these days, as she spent several months in 2023 filming two movies, including shooting the upcoming rom-com Anyone But You in Sydney. 

But she also spent some working on the Gold Coast during schoolies season so she had to quickly grasp why so many teenage school leavers had converged on the beachside city for weeks of drinking, dancing and (let’s be honest) bad decisions.

Watch the conversation below. Post continues after video.

“While I’ve been there, they had this thing called the schoolies, and it’s when the high schoolers graduate, and they go and have their big huge spring break party,” Sweeney told Fallon.

“They shut down all the streets and the schoolies go out.”

Schoolies has been an Australian custom for the past 50 years, ever since the first schoolies event was held on the Gold Coast in 1976. Thousands of school leavers converge on Surfers Paradise, or other beachside locations around Australia, or even Bali, for two weeks of letting loose after exams.