Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ break-up timeline has been confirmed. It tells a different story to the headlines.

April 10: Joe and Sophie relocate to the UK after finding their ‘forever home’. 

Turner alleged in her court filing that the former couple had plans to move to the UK after Jonas’ tour. She wrote that the family spent Christmas in the UK in 2022, staying in a rental property near Turner’s parents’ house in Warwickshire.

From December until July this year, the couple have spent time staying in rental properties in the UK while searching for a home to buy, as the filing detailed they “physically toured family homes… together.” 

Turner claimed they had “jointly decided that they would look for their ‘forever home’ in England, select a school for their older daughter in England, and settle their family in England,” the document reads. 

“The parties agreed that the timing was right for the family to settle permanently in England, particularly given the older child’s age. The parties were both excited for the family’s move to England.”

After months of searching, Turner claimed they found a “beautiful country property” in Oxfordshire which they agreed to purchase “for the family’s permanent home.” 

The property was purchased on July 7, 2023, with the planned date to move in for this December.

August 12: Joe takes the children on tour with Jonas Brothers. 

The Jonas Brother’s US tour began on August 12 in New York, with the couple agreeing for the children to remain in Joe’s custody. 

“In furtherance of the parties’ shared plan, the children travelled to the United States with the Father and their nanny,” Turner’s documents read. Turner noted that the decision was made “with some hesitation” but she said it “would be best” for their children to remain in the US in August.

“The parties agreed that the children moving around with the Father on tour was only going to be a temporary arrangement,” said the filing.