Sophie Delezio is pregnant and her fiancé wins for the best Instagram announcement.

“The difficult times we have been through make us both so keen to hold on to the love and joy, as we know how important it is. Calling him my fiancé is the world’s greatest honour,” she continued, adding that the couple plan to marry later this year. 

“A man who knows me better than I know myself. Who cares for me, loves me, and has chosen to spend the rest of his life with me. He did his own research, found the perfect wedding venue, and reserved the best day in the best season in 2024 for us to get married.”

In 2003, millions of Australians learned of then-two-year-old Sophie, who suffered burns to 85 per cent of her body after she became trapped under a vehicle that had crashed into the Roundhouse Childcare Centre in New South Wales and caught fire.

She lost both her legs below the knee, her right hand and ear.

Then, three years later, in May 2006, Sophie was hit by a car as her nanny pushed her wheelchair across the road near her home in Sydney’s northern beaches. The car threw her 18 metres from her wheelchair, and her resulting injuries included a broken jaw, broken ribs, fractured collarbone and a punctured lung, as well as bleeding on her brain and a heart attack.

She was released from hospital a month later, and had returned to school by July that year.

Now aged 23, she told Woman’s Day that she has never let the accidents define her, or prevent her from achieving her ambitions, one of which was studying abroad.  

“In my mind I’m not ‘Sophie the girl with no legs’ but someone completely normal,” she said. 

“I think of myself as Sophie the chatterbox, the socialite, the girl who loves a good hamburger and enjoys each day as much as she can.”

Feature Image: Instagram @soph.delezio.

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