Sophie Cachia just hard-launched her new relationship.

Cachia was previously married to the father of her two children, AFL star Jaryd Cachia, before realising she was attracted to women.

Sophie Cachia and Sophie Van De Heuvel. Image: Instagram @sophiecachia_.

“I didn’t want to be the woman that walked away from the perfect family,” she said on the Mamamia podcast HERadding that she also felt like she didn’t really have a choice.

“I didn’t choose this to happen to my life. I didn’t wake up one morning and flip the lesbian light switch. These feelings, I believe, were always inside me. This is who I was meant to be my entire life.”

She continued, “I knew I was throwing a grenade into my own life and not knowing when it was going to go off. But I also knew that if I didn’t throw the grenade, it was going to go off in my hand.”

Feature Image: Instagram @sophiecachia_.

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