Some see Andy Lee as ‘the guy who laughs at the funny guy’. This is his response.

Lee tells No Filter the best part about their friendship is the fact neither one of them live to stroke their own egos. If they had, things would be very different to what they are now. 

It’s a partnership through and through. 

“Hamish would have brilliant ideas but I’d know how to package them. That’s what made the partnership so exciting, because the parts that don’t come naturally to him, I can play in that area, and vice versa.

“There’s something that comedian Karl Pilkington said that stuck with me. It was about romantic relationships, but he said the best relationship is when you’re walking exactly your path, and they happen to be walking down the exact same path too. You’re still side by side,” says Lee.

As Hamish Blake said to 60 Minutes: “We’ve done this weird thing accidentally where our friendship became our job, which is an odd thing to do. We have to be friends first, the whole point of this is fun. If this stops being fun, or becomes clinical or a facade, then nothing is worth it.”