Skye Wheatley has spent thousands on plastic surgery. She says it hasn’t ‘fixed’ her problems.

“I was always very self-conscious of my weight, very insecure about everything about me. Insecure about my eye bags, my skin; how white I was, my hair.

“I honestly would try to cover up as much of my face as possible with a hat, and lots of makeup. I think when I turned 15 I would pack on the makeup… and I still hated myself. I hated my teeth, I hated my freckles and hated my nose. Hated it. I never learned to accept my nose and went and had plastic surgery.”

Even so, Skye said she was still not content with her physical appearance.

“I still have insecurities, I’m still really hard on myself, and yeah, I probably need counselling. It’s bad to be like that,” she said.

Skye recalled being younger and crying at the sight of herself in the mirror.

“I’m so upset that I felt that way about myself, I really am and it would hurt me to see other young girls feel that way about themselves. And it sucks, because there’s so much beauty, so much beauty and there’s a lot of fakeness too.

“Like, hello. I’m not real. If you’re looking at me thinking ‘f**k she’s perfect’, I have had my nose, I’ve had my boobs, I’ve had my lips, I’ve whitened by teeth, I’ve coloured by hair, I wear fake tan, there’s a lot of peacocking.”

This article was originally published on May 26 2020 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Instagram @skye.wheatley.

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