Should I Watch It? ‘Thank God You’re Here’ is back, and it has big shoes to fill.

After being greeted by the series catchphrase “Thank God you’re here!”, each celeb has five minutes to do their best with the scene, and one comedian is picked as the victor of the night.

Unlike the original series, which had Tom Gleisner as the reigning judge, the new version will have a rotation of guest judges. 

Come for the…

Nostalgia, and returning all-star guests.

Stay for the…

Fresh talent and hilarious comfort viewing. 

What TV shows will it remind you of?

Obviously, the original Thank God You’re Here series, but for the uninitiated, imagine Whose Line Is It Anyway? but with a uniquely Australian twist. 

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How long is it?

For the original series, each season ran for 10 episodes which go for around an hour each, including the ad break. 

So, should you watch it?

Absolutely! If you were a fan of the original series, you’ll easily adapt to the 2023 reboot, which has the exact same feel. Plus, some members of the improv cast are even the same actors who waited behind the door of the ’00s series.

If you’ve never seen the show in your life, but want an hour to have a giggle and check out from life’s stresses, then TGYH is the perfect cure. It’s extremely easy viewing and lightning-fast, so it rarely lags or feels tedious.

For episode one, both Aaron Chen and Julia Zemiro gave hysterical performances. Aaron was an unpredictable disaster — I loved every minute of it. While Julia is a pro at TGYH, as she has appeared nine times throughout the show’s tenure, and she never misses.