Should I Watch It? Belfast, the heartwarming new movie everyone is talking about.

Paired with its historical intensity, this movie is will definitely resonate universally with its themes of childhood memories and hometown nostalgia. 

As a viewer immersing myself in the black and white film, I can appreciate how powerful the cinematography is in driving the narrative. It then delights us with bursts of colour sprinkled throughout the film, which reminds us of young Buddy’s bright eyes and creativity. 

The film’s alluring soundtrack, which heroes Belfast musician Van Morrison, is filled with a unique combination of folk, soul, country, jazz and rock. It’s bound to continue dominating this coming awards season, along with its current nominations for its cast, directing, screenplay, cinematography and best picture.

As the film comes to a close, the credits give a dedication, “For the ones who stayed. For the ones who left. And for all the ones who were lost.” Chills.

It’s a family must-see for a glimpse at the history alone, with the inevitable emotional journey you’ll embark on aside.

So, I’m basically telling everyone: run, don’t walk to get your tickets. Belfast is coming to cinemas on February 3.

From lauded director Kenneth Branagh, Belfast revisits the summer a decades-long political conflict changed the director’s life forever. Watch both Belfast trailers and book your tickets now.

Feature Image: Universal Pictures/Rob Youngson/FocusFeatures.