Should I Watch It? All Of Us Are Dead, the Netflix series that’s fast becoming the new Squid Game.

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The Koreans certainly know how to tell a good story. Hot on the heels of the highly addictive Netflix series Squid Game, comes All Of Us Are Dead, a zombie drama (again on Netflix) that is by turns horrifying, funny, sad, hopeful, traumatic, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Like every zombie film or show that has come before it, All Of Us Are Dead has a few familiar tropes. There are people running from zombies, turning into zombies, attacking zombies, being attacked by zombies, crying over people attacked by zombies, and crying even more when they have to “kill” said person who has now become a zombie.

For us zombie afficionados, this ‘same-ness’ is not a negative. In fact, we welcome it. 

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What is All Of Us Are Dead about?

High school students are going about their day when suddenly a girl gets bitten by an infected rodent. She becomes a zombie and bites someone… well, you can imagine what happens next. 

Who knew school could be so dangerous?

Featuring a very attractive young ensemble cast, there are lots of hormones and crush revelations in amongst all the zombie-killing: “Run! I love you, by the way. Run!” Teenagers have no sense of timing, that’s for sure.

And when I say “Run”, I mean it. Unlike the shuffling undead in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead film series, these zombies, in keeping with the spate of zombie stories of late, run really, really fast.

Yet while the series vacillates between silly and horrific, it still manages to touch on some modern issues like bullying, refugees, teen pregnancy, and the class system.

And it’s not a spoiler to reveal that a series with zombies, several characters, and the title All Of Us Are Dead means there is a lot of death. A LOT. Be prepared. Bring tissues. No one is safe.