Remember that $89m influencer wedding? Well, the groom’s now facing possible serious jail time.

An indictment obtained by the news station WFAA 8 said LaGrone “did intentionally and knowingly threaten imminent bodily injury” to the officers and “did use or exhibit a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault, namely, a firearm”.

There was no information supplied about the incident’s location.

If LaGrone is convicted, he could recieve a sentence of “no more than 99 years in jail” and “no less than five years in prison”, according to reports.

And as more details continue to come out, it’s been reported by the Dallas Morning News that the County District Attorney has offered the groom a 25-year prison sentence.

LaGrone’s wife – who has switched her Instagram account to private since her husband’s day in court was made very public – hasn’t commented, but if the marriage doesn’t work out, at least she has the option of going into wedding planning… right?

Feature Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.

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