‘Rage issues’, ‘mean girl antics’ and the other claims in Rolling Stones’ Queer Eye exposé.

Bobby Berk’s announcement late last year that he would not be returning to Netflix’s Queer Eye was, for many, the first crack in the facade.

It seemed like the wholesome TV equivalent of Zayn Malik’s sudden exit from One Direction, and just like many boy band unravellings of the past, led to plenty of speculation about ‘the real reason why’. 

Conversations about fractures between the show’s Fab Five, Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, and their potential on-set feuds and alliances, flared.

The show’s eighth season — Berk’s last — aired in January, but the show will continue on without him.

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Now Rolling Stone has published an exclusive ‘Inside the Tensions and Tumult at Queer Eye’.

The feature includes interviews with production sources and reveals a series of not-so-wholesome allegations.

JVN accused of “rage issues”.

Rolling Stone spoke to seven sources who described Jonathan Van Ness, the show’s joyous grooming expert, as a “monster”, “nightmare” and “demeaning”.

All seven said Van Ness, who uses he/she/they pronouns, would lash out at people he worked closely with. Three described Van Ness as having “rage issues” and being emotionally “abusive”.