Priscilla Presley is ‘nervous’ for people to see her Elvis movie. It all traces back to two scenes.

Fast-forward to 2023, Priscilla admits “It was a different time,” she reflected in the new interview. 

“I lived in his world. I wanted to please him. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to have fun with him. I wanted to see what it was that he liked.”

Even more egregious, there’s another scene in the film when Priscilla is given a black eye by Elvis during a pillow fight. 

In Elvis and Me, she spoke about a time in the 1960s when the couple took drugs and ended up in a pillow fight. After whacking Elvis with a pillow, she recalled Elvis’ eyes “flashing with anger”. 

He screamed at her, “Goddamn it! Not so rough. I don’t want to play with a goddamn man!”

She then recalled “He grabbed my arm, throwing me on the bed, and while demonstrating how hard I had thrown the pillows, he accidentally hit me in the eye.” 

As she fled the room to tend to her wounds which included a swollen black eye and bruise on her arm, Elvis allegedly yelled, “You’re not a goddamn man!”

Watch the teaser for Priscilla here. Post continues after video. 

The young age of Priscilla at the time she started dating Elvis is another issue the film can’t shy away from. In the 1985 interview with People, she recalled the moment Elvis first spoke to her, asking her “Well, what have we here? What are you, about a junior or senior in high school?”