Oprah has said what no other celebrities dare about weight-loss injections.

He said, “In my experience, the people who have been inquiring in Australia are morbidly obese. They are really struggling with their weight. And they know that the medication can reduce their weight and it can be life-saving in its own way.

“So if you’re able to reduce your weight, you’re able to exercise a lot better, you’re able to decrease your cholesterol, you’re able to decrease your blood pressure – these are all longer-term gains.”

In the Mamamia Outlouders Facebook group, hundreds of women shared their own experiences using weight-loss injections, describing them as “life-changing”.

One woman wrote, “My blood pressure was through the roof, I was borderline diabetic, I was a sad sack of a mum to my daughter and, honestly, a heart attack waiting to happen… at 29 years old. I’m now a much more vibrant mum to my kids, was actually able to have a second child finally after five years of trying, my blood pressure is perfect, blood sugars are perfect and I’ve maintained the weight for two years now without the injection.

“As someone who works in healthcare – I saw my future every day in that hospital and I wasn’t keen to die early. Diet and exercise were not that simple when your body is fighting you every step of the way to keep hold of the weight.”

Then, there’s still that stigma around “cheating” weight loss. The idea of not losing body fat “the old-fashioned way”, through diet and exercise. 

Someone else wrote, “Medically, obesity is a considered a disease and can come with all sorts of health complications as a result of that. If used under the guidance of a responsible doctor, I fail to see the issue? I’d say half the reason it’s so widely condemned is people still look at it and go ‘it’s the easy way out/you’re being lazy’ because society still tells us obesity is a choice, despite sooooo much evidence to the contrary!”