OPINION: Dating in December is a terrible idea.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a timeline breakdown of what goes through a December dating scammer’s head:

November 1 to 30.

“Wow, I’m really loving hanging out with this super cool, super chill, super fun girl. I can’t wait for our next date!”

December 1 to 23.

“She’s so funny, her family sounds great.”

“Mum is being super annoying, like why do I have to spend Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day at home?”

December 25.

“Aunty Janice asked if I was dating anyone, I said ‘No but I’ve started hanging out with this girl who seems cool.’ She seemed happy with that answer.”

December 26 to 31.

“Finally away from the family, this girl wants to go on another date but I’m stressed about work and have to figure my life out.”

January 1.


January 2 to 15.

“Went on another date with her, wasn’t really a vibe, I think she expects a lot from me.”

January 20 to 31.

“Oh sh*t Valentine’s Day is next month, you can’t break up with someone in February, what will she tell her friends about me?!!”

“Broke up with her, feeling a bit sad, but it was for the best.”

October 15 to 25.

“Sent her a ‘Hey, it’s been ages, what’s been happening with you?’ text. Nailed it.”

And thus, the cycle continues. 

So for all my December daters, I will leave you with this warning and a very big good luck. 

I will be thinking of you in Jan 2024.

Feature Image: Universal Pictures/Canva. 

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