Only one thing could steal the spotlight from Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs in the new Road House movie.

I went into this film expecting to be terrified of the fight scenes, ready to lust over Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs, in the end to be completely hooked by finding joy in aspects of the production I never even imagined. I guess that’s the beauty of movies and exactly why I love them so — your expectations are there to be challenged. And isn’t that the fun of it all?

I’m probably not the target audience for a hi-octane film about a disgraced UFC fighter who moves to Florida to help a bar keep out the riff-raff only to come face to face with his octagon-hurling past. But hey, I found something in this film that grabbed me and invited me to stay.

I loved the modern perspective this 2024 version of Road House brought; I loved the inclusion of Connor McGregor; I loved the nuance Gyllenhaal gave his troubled character.

But most of all, I loved those Bermuda shirts. 

If anything ,give this movie a watch to see what a real shirt looks like. Now that’s cinema, baby.

If you’re not a fan of the action genre, I still encourage you to give Road House a go. You might just be pleasantly surprised with what you see — abs, Bermuda shirts and all. 

Road House is available to stream on Prime Video from March 21.

Feature Image: Prime.

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