‘My skin has never looked better’: 10 of the best skin treatments, according to real women.

“Four skin needling sessions a year increases collagen production dramatically, which is essential if we lose one per cent of collagen every year after 20. I also add sun protection here and water. No smoking or vaping either!” – Linda.

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“I used to have a roller and then upgraded to a Dermapen [a microneedling pen] called Dr Pen M8. It’s so easy to use and the results are better. I love skin needling.” – Holly.

“For me, it’s skin needling and good skincare products. The needling feels like a face tattoo, but a week later your skin is amazing.” – Amy.

“Skin needling is definitely the best treatment I’ve had, as well as regular IPL for rejuvenation,” Sammi.

“I had a skin needling and RF treatment and my skin has never looked better. It’s plumper, clearer and the best it’s been in years.” – Erin.

Prescription retinoid.

“A combination of skin needling and prescription retinoid for me. My acne scars are non-existent and the acne itself is almost completely gone as well.” – Hannah.

“Prescription retinoid! The rest of my products are basic AF now and my skin is looking great!” – Candance.

“Prescription skincare all the way – I get mine as a prescription from Software.” – Eileen.

“Vitamin C in the morning and prescription retinoid in evening (every second night), plus LED mask (I have the Omnilux one that I use almost every night).” – Daria.