‘My one piece of advice for anyone attending Taylor Swift in Sydney.’

3. Keep the handbag at home.

Accor Stadium has strict security measures in place, so they’ve asked all attendees to leave their bags at home. However, if you do need to bring a bag, make sure it’s no larger than 30x40cm. 

4. Prepare for the weather.

Looks like it’s going to be a rainy show tonight, with the forecast reporting wet weather, so pack a poncho to keep you and your fabulous outfit dry. 

Listen to the full chat with Kirsten on The Quicky here. Post continues after audio.

5. Consider bringing earplugs. 

With over 80,000 fans in the stadium singing their heart out, along with Swift, who has a world-class sound system in place, having earplugs on hand isn’t a bad idea — especially if you have sensitive ears. 

If you’re taking children with you, it’s even more important, as their tiny earbuds are more susceptible to ringing.

6. Watch for Papa Swift.

According to Kirsten, Scott ‘Papa’ Swift, aka the singer’s dad, is always on the lookout to share freebies and upgraded seats.

He’s also the one who chooses who gets the ’22’ hat during the show, so be on watch!

What tips would you add for those attending Taylor Swift? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Instagram/@kirstenmaree

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