‘My daughter wants to become a YouTuber. So I send her to a camp that teaches her.’

A 2019 survey of 3,000 kids found that being a YouTube star was a more sought-after profession than being an astronaut among kids in the US and the UK.

And it makes sense when you think about it. 

Technology is the defining feature of our time. The internet, once a complicated beast, fueled social media to communicate ideas, beliefs and hobbies in digestible pieces of content. Over time, social media has become part of our daily lives. The content we engage in is now the stuff that forms our opinions and fuels our entertainment. The people behind all of it are the ones that we idolise.

And unlike being a Hollywood star, a YouTuber, Twitch streamer or TikTok creator is much more feasible. 

Code Camp, an after-school and holiday program for kids aged 5-13, has ushered in over 100,000 students across 130 locations around the country. They’ve been able to cater to a new audience by accepting that the internet is no longer a privilege or a rite of passage. Rather, it’s now part of our everyday lives.

“We were the first to teach kids to code in Australia so we have always made it our mission to stay ahead of the game and be at the forefront of cool tech based programs,” Ashley Gabriel de Sousa, spokesperson for Code Camp, tells Mamamia. 

“We started YouTube Creators to teach these kids to become creators of content so they direct and produce their own ideas instead of just watching other people.”