Mitch and Ella married on MAFS 2022. Here’s what they’ve both been up to since.

Married At First Sight is, apparently, a family affair.

Among the contestants featured in this year’s 11th season (I know!) is Jayden Eynaud, a kickboxer from the Gold Coast… who also happens to be the brother of Mitch Eynaud, who appeared on season nine.

So of course, Mitch made a reappearance on the show at his brother’s wedding day, giving Jayden advice for building a relationship with his match Eden (which boiled down to ‘do exactly the opposite of what I did’), and reminiscing about his own TV marriage.

Mitch was paired with Ella May Ding during the 2022 season, but quickly became a pretty controversial part of the cast. While he and Ella had a strong start, their time on the show was pretty rocky: mostly because Mitch seemed really keen to leave.

To cut a long story short: they made it to the Final Vows, broke up, got back together in time for the reunion, and then broke up again afterwards.

During his appearance at Jayden’s wedding Mitch remembered his own a few years earlier.

“I remember my wedding like it was yesterday” he said. “It takes me back to Ella, it takes me back to the experiment…”

Now Ella has responded, telling the Daily Mail she’s skeptical, to say the least.

“Unfortunately I don’t necessarily buy it. I think he’d regret parts of the experiment but I think because he broke a lot of trust it’s hard to believe that,” she said.