Michelle Bridges wants you to know one thing about her time on The Biggest Loser.

Rochester and Bridges were once colleagues on The Biggest Loser between 2006 and 2009, before the TV host says she moved overseas to get away from Bridges “toxicity and sabotage”.

Their feud was first made public in 2015 when Rochester labelled the fitness guru a “bully” in a furious Facebook post. 

It was prompted when Bridges was named as one of Australia’s Richest Women, with an estimated net worth of $53 million.

“Trying to get my head around the fact that the woman who bullied me so badly I moved halfway around the world to get away from her toxicity and sabotage, was just named on the richest women of Australia list,” Rochester wrote at the time. 

“She stole all my business ideas, even took one of my book titles, she made every work day miserable. She spread lies about me until everyone hated me, she leaked bullshit to the media and my bosses until she was top dog and yet ‘karma’ seems to have done nothing but reward her. Seriously question myself on days like today. I’ve given so much to so many and yet I have nothing to show for it. The world is a strange place.”

Ajay Rochester and Michelle Bridges were colleagues from 2006-2009 on The Biggest Loser. Image: Getty.