Mia Freedman answers the 20 most common questions about Strife, the show inspired by Mamamia.

What is the air date?

It drops on Binge on December 6th.

Will it be on Foxtel too?

Yes, on both platforms: Binge and Foxtel.

How many episodes is Strife and how long is each episode?

8 episodes all 30 mins or so.

Will all episodes drop at once? Please let me binge it all in a day.

Yes, they will. It’s called Binge for a reason and we love that.

Will we see any cameo appearances?

You will.

Will there be a second series?

We are in development for season two, yes. Writing has already begun.

Can I watch Strife in New Zealand? The US? UK? Europe?

The show has not landed with a NZ Partner yet but expect news on that soon. We are chatting with potential partners now so we don’t yet know who that will be. But yes, hopefully soon.

Is there a trailer?

Yes. You can watch the trailer here.

You can also watch the official trailer for Strife below.

All episodes of Strife will be streaming on Binge and Foxtel on December 6th.

Featured Image: Supplied.

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