Men hate nothing more than being laughed at. Drew Afualo makes millions doing just that.

And, of course, she is still roasting men online.

It usually begins with a man stating a terrible opinion that is usually either misogynistic, slut shaming, racist, fatphobic or all of the above. 


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In response, Afualo reacts with a clapback that usually involves denigrating their appearance. 

“It’s so common for men to be terrible online and suffer no consequence because it’s easy to be anonymous,” she told TIME in 2023. “I like to think of myself as a tangible consequence.”

Afualo’s form of niche content works because she doesn’t pull out stats to get her point across — instead she uses humour to shame the bully outright. 

“I realised early on when I started kind of making this content that people are a lot more likely to gravitate towards [humour],” the content creator told Pedestrian TV.

“It’s putting it in a way that they can digest and really understand.”

Her insults are scathing and she wants them to be, so those behind the cruel videos can learn a lesson. Afualo doesn’t want to be an educator on why bullying women is bad either. She simply wants to “truly just make them regret ever making that video,” she continued.

“I don’t waste time trying to educate full-grown men on why they shouldn’t be horrible on the internet… I don’t spend time providing all these cited resources of why it’s harmful to say things like that, why the patriarchy hurts all of us. I don’t waste time trying to have, like, an educated discourse with them.”