Meet the women quitting ‘beauty duty’.

This train of thought has sparked a new movement in China, encouraging young people to move away from beauty standards and reduce the time and money spent on their appearance. 

At its core is one sentiment: women don’t owe anyone beauty. 

And in 2024, the trend is only growing.

Take Mable Yang from Suzhou, for example. The 22-year-old woke up one day and decided to shave her head. 

Speaking with ABC News, Yang said she was inspired by feminist groups on social media that unsubscribed to the idea of costly and unfair beauty standards.

“Before I got rid of ‘beauty duty’, I would always wear makeup,” Yang told ABC News.

“Although I would say it was because I enjoyed doing so… I hoped people would notice how beautiful I look with makeup on.”

“This has actually affected my life to an extent. I cared too much about what other people think about me.”

She went on to share her experience of “appearance anxiety”, explaining how she used to spend hours in front of the mirror picking apart small imperfections and flaws.

“I used to think my eye size wasn’t perfectly symmetrical, my nose wasn’t tall enough and my skin wasn’t as smooth as the pop stars, doubting myself over and over again.”

“[Now] I can feel and explore the world as an individual without having to care about whether or not I meet the standards in other people’s eyes.”