Meet the Coffin Confessor: Bill crashes funerals to reveal the dead’s secrets.

In the middle of the best mate’s eulogy, Bill Edgar stood up. 

He’d been sitting quietly amongst the mourners waiting for this very moment. 

“Sit down, shut up or f*** off”, he told those gathered. Graham — the man in the coffin — had something to say.

Bill proceeded to read aloud a letter he’d been paid $10,000 to deliver. 

Firstly, he told the ‘best mate’ that Graham knew that he’d been trying to have an affair with his wife while he was on his deathbed. He denounced him as a best friend.

Then, he told three relatives in the room to leave. Graham had given strict instruction to move them along if they dared show their faces — they hadn’t bothered to contact him in 30 years.

With his job complete, Bill placed Graham’s letter on his coffin and left the funeral. But as he made his way towards his car, a woman stopped him. She wanted him to crash another funeral. 


Since Graham’s funeral in 2018, Bill has crashed dozens upon dozens of funerals across Australia and the world. He has plenty more lined up, some for people who aren’t even remotely close to death yet. But the majority are living with terminal illness and know death is approaching them. 

Bill calls himself the ‘coffin confessor,’ and he’s heard just about every secret out there.

He was paid by a bikie to tell his loved ones he was gay.