Mean Girls star Angourie Rice said yes, Hollywood is just like high school.

When asked if her preparation for the film included reaching out to Lindsay Lohan or studying her on-screen performance in any way, Angourie laughed but quickly moved the conversation along, making it clear that she doesn’t want her portrayal of Cady to look like an impression of a past actor’s work.

What she is happy to discuss, however, is the shock and excitement that came with Tina Fey herself emailing her about her role.

“I approached this character in the same way that I approach any other character,” Angourie told Mamamia, when asked if she was nervous about stepping into a role already tied to another famous name. “Which was really good for dispelling any anxiety I had around it.”

“I went through my usual process of going through the script, making notes and writing down my own thoughts around the character. I think this helped me to get over my nerves and my fear that this character would be too much the same or it would be too different, to the original. I had to trust in the work I do.

“I would have been too scared to sing in a room in front of Tina Fey,” Angourie continued, explaining what the casting process for Mean Girls was like. “It really all began, unbelievably, with an email from Tina Fey along with the script.”