Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: To the women on this show, blink twice and we’ll send help.

Sara essentially tells the group that since Tim has become more relaxed, his boring personality has gotten slightly better. “He’s funnier, he’s more assertive,” she boasts. Ah, this is not a compliment. 

Ridge starts acting up, showing his immaturity by making crude sex jokes. “I’m not getting daddy vibes,” John Aiken states in his professional opinion. 

Jono refutes my gal pal assessment by confirming he and Lauren have recently had the sex. “We did rekindle the flame,” Lauren adds. 

The group turns their aim back to Jack and Tori over their plans for the future. Tori admits she’s falling in love with Jack while he merely states he’s ‘got a lot of love for Tori’. Cop out, table one! 

“I say that about my goddamn chiropractor,” Lauren replies. Timothy then fires up which I usually would love but tbh, after this past week, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. 

‘Maybe only offer advice on a week where you DON’T abandon your wife, matey.’