Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Timothy has seen the Lucinda Light.

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Hey, hello, hi.

Welcome back to another instalment of MAFS where I volunteer as tribute to leave this experiment and join Timothy and Lucinda in a throuple because I am THAT obsessed with this couple. 

We’re told this is the second last Commitment Ceremony which means we are truly in the homestretch. Thank f**k. 

Tori and Jack are preparing for an “easy couch session.” Narrator: it would not be an “easy couch session.”

Jade is squeezing Ridge’s pimples and Jayden is squeezing Eden’s last nerve. 

They are no longer the most smug couple in the experiment, swapping titles with Tori and Jack as the most dysfunctional. After the dinner party, Eden revealed to Jayden that Sara and her ex had mocked Tim behind his back. Jayden wants to raise the issue at the Commitment Ceremony, but Eden would prefer to shy away from causing more messy confrontations.

“If you tell that story, I’m done with you,” Jayden recalled Eden telling him. 

Eden can’t handle all the drama and combative personalities and I’ve got to say, you’re on the wrong show, love. 

‘I doubt I’d get this much flack from Poh Ling Yeow.’