Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: The final vows are here and they are filled with rage.

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Congratulations! It’s MAFS Christmas Day (final vows).

Three out of our five couples are spending some time together recapping their experience in the experiment (yes I acknowledge the inception, bear with me). With us we have, Ridge & Jade, Lauren & Jono and Tori & Jack (ugh). 

Jade is a strong advocate for the honesty box, which almost convinced me to bring my own honesty to my next date. That was until Ridge told her that talking about their feelings at last night’s dinner party gave him an…ahem *checks notes* affection erection.

Ridge then tells us that he’s trying to show Jade his more serious side… Are you Ridge, are you???

He also tells Jade that he’s been looking at jobs in Brisbane, insinuating that he’s planning to move states for her.

They watch their wedding video and I wonder if they’re going to cut out the part where they say “Hey nice to meet you” when they show this video to their future children.

Okay… Ridge is crying and now so am I. How could you not get an ‘affection erection’ for this man? 

Our current scandalous (most interesting) couple Lauren and Jono, have chosen to spend their final day in separate apartments. 

Honestly, fair. 

Lauren calls Jono Patrick Bateman and said that he was like “Australian psycho”. She also said that he is the most disloyal person she’s ever met in her life.