Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Jayden did WHAT with WHOM in front of WHOMST??????

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Everyone is moving into the brand, spanking new MAFS apartments, which means we must sit through a three-minute ad for the building first.

It offers a fancy pool but most importantly, two bathrooms in the rooms.

As everyone gets settled in, Lauren salivates over KFC and then gets right into the drama from last night’s dinner party. 

I respect her priorities.

She still thinks Jack is full of sh*t, while Tori and Jack discuss how well it all went.

Of Lauren, he says he did not appreciate her “quacking on the other side of the table” and says he could not be married to her. Tori says that kind of thing is why she hates being in a group of girls and oh- that’s not- that’s not great.

She reckons she and Jack are the top couple in the experiment, which is hilarious but also… concerning.



“What does that mean” Lauren asks, pretending she has not seen every episode of this damn show.

It means the couples must spill their deepest, darkest secrets in a letter for one another, but more importantly RANK ALL THE CAST IN ORDER OF HOTNESS. 

The weddings are fine, the dinner parties are fun, and the commitment ceremonies are highly entertaining, but boy oh boy, this right here is the true magic of MAFS.