Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Jack expertly plants the seeds of doubt.


Based on the previous 20 episodes of this season, I’m inclined to believe this is less about Jack interrogating his insecurities and more of a tactic to make her feel vulnerable, make him feel powerful, and give him an easy out when he wants it.

But what would I, a humble and extremely snarky recapper, know?



Hey, Endemol Shine! Hit me up! I’m promise you I’m a lot cheaper than him!

Jack then asks ‘but what if Tori leaves me?’ and 1. I don’t think he’d actually care, 2. that’s not going to happen, and 3. IT’S ALSO NOT THE SCENARIO AT HAND STOP DEFLECTING.

Tori says if he wants to leave, he needs to leave now.

But he concludes that he does have feelings for her, and “has a lot at stake as well”. Timothy’s reaction to this is priceless, and also provides a new, fresh, not-smug face!

“No you fkn don’t”