Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Ben doesn’t just dislike Ellie. Ben dislikes women.

Straight away, Ben starts joking about Tim counting down the days till he can escape her and does this man actually hate Tim? Why is he like this? That is not being a good friend!

Anyway, both Sara and her friend think Ben is a man-child and their unimpressed expressions save an otherwise torturous scene.

Eventually, Tim speaks up and tells Ben to stop being a loser, then shares all the things he really likes about Sara.

Ben is receptive enough to it all that he is allowed one (or two) final jokes about needing to relax, which I have to admit… does make me laugh. Just a tiny bit! 

Back in their apartment, Lucinda Light and Timothy are recapping their odd but rather fruitful lunch with family and friends.

Lucinda asks what Timothy and her dad spoke about. We all know it involved Father Light encouraging Timothy to sleep with his daughter, even if it is just a one-night stand.

Timothy simply describes it as being told to “make more of an effort”. 

“I’m definitely not leaving anything out, nope”