Lindsay Lohan’s complicated new redemption story.

It’s the story of twins separated through divorce who finally find each other by chance at a summer camp.

For most millennials, The Parent Trap is a movie that holds a special place in our hearts. Ever since the remake was released in 1998 the film’s star Lindsay Lohan has been a celebrity we’ve been rooting for – through all the ups and downs.

Now, at 37-years-old Lohan is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. A Lohan-aissance if you will. Over the past few weeks the new mum has been celebrated thanks to the release of her new Netflix film Irish Wish which debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with a 35% rating. That score has had little effect on the shouts of congratulations from the public. 

She has returned to our good graces, she seems happy, healthy, moisturised and unbothered.

Lindsay Lohan is back, folks.

But this 2024 comeback has been a rocky road fraught with scandals, arrests, drug abuse, celebrity feuds and diversion from her once sky-rocketing trajectory through Hollywood.

Lohan’s comeuppance occurred at a time in the 2000s where being a female in the pop culture zeitgest meant you were immediately in the cross-hairs of tabloid media. Britney Spears had already been hounded for years. Paris Hilton was being vilified for having her private sex tape leaked to the press. And Linday Lohan was the fresh new face ripe for scrutiny.

Listen to The Spill hosts explain Lindsay Lohan’s complicated new redemption story.