Lily Allen hasn’t made music for 6 years. She claims her kids ‘ruined’ her career.

Later in the interview, she spoke candidly about her decision to embrace sobriety.

“I was about two years sober, I’d just moved to New York,” she said. “A big part of sobriety is surrendering and letting God—in whatever way you want to believe in that—have a plan for you.”

“I got a call from a casting director who was putting on a play [2:22 A Ghost Story] in the West End. I said: ‘No, I’m not an actress’.”

She continued: “But then I was talking to David—I’d been feeling a bit directionless and didn’t really know what I was doing with my life, except for being a mum and setting up a new home in Brooklyn. He said, ‘maybe you should call them back’ and five weeks later I was in rehearsal.”

Allen’s pivot into acting proved to be exactly what she needed, with her performance in 2:22 A Ghost Story scoring her a Best Actress Olivier Award nomination in 2022.

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Feature Image: Getty/Instagram @lilyallen.

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